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Artist bio

 I like to transcend the everyday via SLR and LCD. A landscape, a crow, a dew-bejeweled bridge, and the moon become icons either by unblinking exposure via digital SLR, or by destroying and recreating via the kaleidoscope of Photoshop. I have spent a half century in the Pacific Northwest, creating art as musician, sculptor, stand-up comedian, photographer, and digital artist.

I create digital art, sculptures and photography for the shear love of shape, color and images I fine beauty in. I believe the meaning of my art is in the eye of the beholder, that no one opinion or perception can define it for all. I believe every picture tells a story and every story paints a picture that both are unique to the observer/reader and every interruption is correct and individual.

I've been inspired and influenced by the work of many great artists, like Picasso, Pollock, Di Vinci,Van Gogh, Dali; photographers like Johsel Namkung, Man Ray, Diane Arbus, Annie Leibovitz, Mapplethorpe; and writers like Ray Bradbury, John Updyke, Kurt Vaungut; musicians like Miles Davis, Eric Dolphy, Coltrane and many others.

While studying for my BA in music at Cornish School of Allied Arts in Seattle, I also took many art classes, as visual art has always been an important means of creative expression. Eventually my creative focus planted its self in the visual arts. So here I am today.

Starting in the summer of 2008, I have had twelve solo shows at different venues around Seattle and two shows that curated some of my images.

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